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SS Staffing’s Story

We are pleased and excited to be the new owners of SS Staffing in Hamilton, Montana, since 2009.  Here is our story:

I (Kerry) was born in Hamilton MT and graduated from Corvallis school in 2001. After that, I remained in the area until a work promotion uprooted my family and moved me all over Montana and Wyoming. After being away for 6 years I finally had an opportunity to move back home. This move however left me with a new start, including not having employment. I applied at SS Staffing January 2010 (a business that was established since 2009) and found my new place in life, helping others find their new start.
In 2012 the previous owner decided that it was her turn to move and begin new adventures. My family rallied together for the purchase of SS Staffing and have remained since a family owned business. As a family we have all been employees and we have all also been in management. We truly understand the emotions of a person seeking employment. We also understand the importance of finding the “right fit” for a business owner seeking employees. With our combined skills and resources, we are ready to put our experience to work for you!
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