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Download the Application HERE.  It is a fillable application you can fill in and submit electronically.


Once you have submitted our complete application please call our office at (406) 363-7668 to arrange for an interview appointment.


When you come to your interview, please plan to bring with you:

☐ Proof of your eligibility to work, such as a driver’s license, your social security card, and any other forms of identification. 

☐ Must bring 2 forms of ID with you.

☐ SS Staffing application

☐ Your resume and/or work history

☐ Personal and professional references


☐ Anything else you feel would be of benefit to us when considering you for employment.


The more we know about your skills and expertise, the easier it will be for us to find a position for you.



Q: What kinds of jobs do you provide?

A: To see the kinds of jobs we provide, click HERE

Q: How soon until I am able to go to work?

A: Placing you in a position depends on several things:  the time of year, current jobs available, your work schedule, the skills and talents you offer and being able to match those with the right employer, as well as other variables.  We always encourage candidates to apply to apply so that you’re ready and prepared when your right job opens up.


Q: How often do I get paid?

A: Every Friday! Checks are available to pick up every Friday from 8am – 5pm. On a Holiday week, checks are available the day prior to the Holiday.

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